A senior content marketing professional with background in the media industry.

I work with Brands helping them to credibly connect with consumer
and develop a long lasting relationship based on relevancy, trust and love. 

I work with Media Companies and Publishers helping them to better engage
with audiences and fully exploit the potential of branded content. 


Content marketing

Brand content strategy

Brand newsroom setup  

Content distribution

Influencers and talents

Brand management

Brand strategy

Brand narrative

Brand communication

Brand governance

Tools and data

Digital analytics

Content and asset management

Social media management

Data management DMP

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Red Bull Media House Global Head Redbull.com - Content strategy and operations, audience development, talent management

lastminute.com - Interim Director Brand & Content strategy - Brand architecture, organizational setup, content strategy 

De Agostini Editore - Head Digital Development - Organization setup, business development, project steering

Mediaset Group - Research and Development for digital business development, project management

Statwolf Ltd - B2B Brand and content marketing strategic consultancy


Analysis and strategy: content marketing, social media, digital brand development

Interim management: brand communication, brand activation and content marketing

Project management: team and operations setup (content ops, digital marketing), intl. program management, vendor management

Ongoing consulting: brand and content marketing coaching, tools and talents scouting, matchmaking

Coaching and education: workshops, support to C-level, corporate education programs